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Free Freezer Pack (large)

Free Freezer Pack (large)
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Keep an extra set in the freezer and never wait for your packs to re-freeze when targeting different parts of your body. Not to be confused with ice cubes or the gel packs that some of our competitors use. 

Our freezer packs are patented, FDA approved and BPA Free and freeze to much lower temperatures than ice cubes or gel packs.

A simple test is to place an ice cube next to our freezer packs at room temperature. Whilst the ice will melt our freezer packs will remain ice hard for much longer and when inserted into our insulated compression belts they will remain frozen solid for hours.

You can re-use them around two hundred times and re-hydrate when needed.   

 *This offer is only available when combined with or if you have previously ordered a belt and will be automatically refunded if we cannot match it to an existing order. 

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