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Developed In A Rodney Street Clinic In 2016

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20,000 Fat Freezing Treatments Later...

After treating over 20 Thousand clients in our 4 clinics it's safe to say we know a thing or two about fat freezing. Our fat freezing belts are the result of all of this cumulative experience neatly packaged for you to take home.

So here's how it works - The Scientific Bit.

Around 40 years ago scientists observed children that ate a lot of popsicles developed dimples in their cheeks. They discovered that white fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures and when exposed to the right amount of cold for the right amount of time the white fat cells would literally freeze and die which caused dimples.

This was the beginning of Fat Freezing known as Cryolipolysis which has now been scientifically proven with numerous studies.

White Fat Cells Are Susceptible To Cold

Around 30-40% Of White Fat Cells Are Targeted

When A Fat Cell Dies The Body Removes it

30 - 50 Days Later

Get the full set to sculpt your body or just target your waist

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Some Before & Afters Pictures


Vanessa Before

Here are before and after photos comparing Vanessa’s first and third months using the belt:

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Vanessa After

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I'm very impressed ! Lost 3 inches within the first month. Would definitely recommend

Eva Stanton

Was very apprehensive about this being another gimmick,I was wrong it worked for me

Keith Pritchard

I know someone who used this and lost 3 inches I can't wait to start using mine!

Yasmin Bouvier

We're so sure you'll love our Fat Freezing Belts...

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